How Nowlater Works For You

Nowlater's proprietory technology platform and easy to install API enables merchants offer instalment plans without the risk of customer default.

1.  Market

We help market your products

2.  Purchase

Customer shops as usual, Checks out via Nowlater

3.  Payment

You receive full price of goods

4.  Shipment

Customer receives goods

Benefits For Nowlater Merchants

Alternative to COD

Don't you hate it when cash on delivery is unsuccessful. It's a drag on your resources, and you loose money instead of making it.

Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers is hard and costly. We’ll partner with you, handle marketing and the upfront cost, to help you grow.

Activate Dormant Customers

Give them a reason to shop again - increased possibilities with a flexible payment option

Increase Average Order Value

Flexible payment options increase average order value and frequency of purchases

Convert Latent Demand

Offering potential customers an option to pay with installments puts your items within the reach of more consumers.

Zero credit risk

You have zero credit risk. It's rare to get a cash return with zero cash risk. Take advantage (No dulling)

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